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Who we are


Its a totally unique guy/girl, band fronted by //

Ian Treloar vox /8&6 string acoustic/elec synth guitars, Poly Bass

Ree Liddell  vocals/ dobro / parlor guitar/mandolin, poly Bass

Simon Dewar on drums percussion loops n harmony

“Postcards From Tomorrow” has snared changoTRee’s last two years of music adventures in their spin across Oz and the globe. It started rolling when changoTRee’s debut album “Home” had a number 1 on the AMRAP, AirIt Regional charts in 2017 and was reviewed masterfully by Rhythms Magasine. Their songs capture , magical roots, funky-folk, blues-cruise-with swampy grooves and a splash of surf-Rasta-reggae. This is the "chango" which has taken its two songwriters, through the whim of its “Muse”, from their home base in the Mornington Peninsula, travelling, writing, recording, & performing shows & festivals in New Orleans, Ireland, the UK, New York, France, plus annual East Coast Oz and Rural Victorian tours.

The collocation of the male/female voices and styles make for an exciting merge creating a smorgasbord of delicious and unexpected song scapes.  Ree Liddell intuits her song’s voice through her feminine grasp on the resonator guitar, if not the mandolin, or the acoustic parlor or even the hybrid electric. Using skills, she gleaned in her contemporary music degree to sharpen what she already had as an artist. Her songs ring sceptical, ironic, thoughtful, satirical, sassy, playful, humorous and compassionate. A whole palate of human emotions faceted, worked and forever growing. 

Ian has devoted his life to music and has made a living solely from his work as a musician. His 8 string acoustic and electric guitar invention has his own signature “chang”. It can be hypnotic and lilting, then hitting with traces Hendrix and other guitar greats. His songs visit themes of space-junk, love, third-world rip-offs, rusted cars, politics, fun, environment; the stuff that makes the world go around - life. At the heart of changoTRee is the floating between these elements where it meshes the hive of their eclectic, poetic pith with a maturity and a song crafting which is honey for the world.  

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