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Recent, Past Albums and song lines


Digital Downloads were once available thru our USA company Cd Baby that we paid "lifetime fees" for but they pulled the pin on our "listen here/buy now" page recently and left us hi and dry along with hundreds of other artists.  Thanks a lot ! .. NOT !!

Our latest album "Postcards" can be downloaded by click on "listen to" tab below or on Music page.

However digital downloads will be updated shortly for all the other Cds via iTunes spotify etc

Please click "Listen" Tab and scroll down from pic, on the albums to hear Song Samples  @ Apple music and HearNow.

postcards from tomorrow

New Album out now!

Buy hard copies mailed to your door $22 includes post. Please contact us at  or

PO box 199, Shoreham, 3916, Mornington Peninsula Australia


changoTRee's latest album released November 2016. 

#1 song "Justas Little Bit" on the Amrap Regional Charts for 2 weeks in a row November 28 - Dec 11 2016

changoTRee #1 on the Amrap Regional Charts for 2 weeks in a row with a song from the new album Home November 28 - Dec 11 2016

This album below, "Dont get the Picture"  marks the transition from Ians "Holycow Banned" to "changoTRee". Ree and our dear mate Chris Haylock  laid the foundations, recorded, toured and was a pivitol step tin the musical progression.
This album is dedicated to Chris who sadly left us to play gigs in the sky soon after !! Love ya always bro !!


Don't Get The Picture     2009

All songs written by Ian T, except where noted.

The songs are beautiful, bittersweet views of life, luck, rusted cars, space junk, environmental-political activism, third world rip offs, surf-travelling, demons, love, money & survival in this age!

holycow bannd has always been a precarious bus ride/journey that has seen lots of diverse musicians jump on board from time to time. This fluid line up has been a vehicle for many creative artists that have all added to the 'messed up concoctions' of trippy, groove, roots, folk rags. I have the keys somewhere in the studio and have driven the thing as a duo, trio and as an overloaded 6 piece band. It's always been fresh and never quite the same as last time. Sometimes on track and other times exquisitely derailed and off-road!



The following albums are Ian T's songs in HIS various line ups of holycow that preceed changoTRee.​


Tripping out the Window        2003 


The title track"Bradbury's Luck" was based on Steven Bradbury's  great achievement in winning Australia's first gold medal in the Winter Olympics 2002.  Steve was kind enough to appear in the clip and since then we have become good friends playing at his book launch, wedding and had a couple of surfs together. Thanks mate!


This album was made with the support and invaluable assistance of Phil Jones and staff at ARTS Victoria (via the grant) and their inspired initiative, help and fostering creative independent music in this part of the world.

Motto // there are grants out there .. just gotta don the hat and do it !

Amplified Reality  2001

re|al|ity (re al' a te) n ; pl. - ties. - 1. actual existence;
amplified (am' ple fi) v., from latin amplificare 1. to make greater; stronger or larger. 

The Band

Ian Treloar Vocals Guitars 6/12 elrc acoustic synth

Steve Rigg; Vocals Drums percussion, ..

Todd Richardson; Bass Vocals website !!

This is the only time that Ians holycow, worked and recorded this project as a 3 p band ... Just 3 guys bashing it out, .. for better or worse!
.... in the most part over a ten day period in the middle of summer whilst being somewhat oxygen deprived in a small and very hot room with two other sweaty band members.
....  The recording of said album was tracked in the back of Patons Farm Machinery Factory. A shed outback in Mornington Industrial estate, The "studio" gave us the rhythm tracks , .. and subsequent overdubs at various beach shacks with a digital 16 track, some instruments and much gear as could be mustered.

MOO (1998)

A collection of like-minded musicians playing with a certain spirit and vibe, together for serious fun (quote Dennis 1+1 unquote)

Thank you so much to everyone directly and indirectly who helped the creation of the music, especially Richard Cooke who shared his home vision studio musicianship and ideas  in the recording of this landmark album 

From the musicians, friends, recording peoples, to the printers and salespeople. Thanks heaps. We are all travelers hitch-hiking around the stars. Best we enjoy, live, love, learn and play a bit of music along the way. To my special moonbeams - Sophie, Allie and Mishy (and Ben... on the way!) This is for you
Ian Treloar

Songs from the Verandah (2005)


The first 6 tracks are totally acoustic recorded with Samantha Rayne (who will one day share with the world her beautiful vocals n song writing. Come on Sammy!

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